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Chapter -3 Responsibility towards Children


  1. Priority to be given for the best interests of children: (1) The officials of every organization and institution that carries out activities related to children shall adopt necessary child friendly process by giving priority to the best interests of children, while doing every activity.

(2) It shall be the responsibility of everyone to instantly help children whose life is in risk.

(3) The child welfare authority or Juvenile Court shall, while making arrangement for a child’s alternative care, separating a child from his or her parents or guardian, making decision on who has to take care of and maintain a child after divorce between his or her father and mother shall adopt the process as prescribed for the best interests of the child pursuant to this Act.

(4) Public and private social institutions where children stay or which provide services to children shall, while constructing or refurbishing the physical structures, make necessary arrangement that is child friendly.

  1. Responsibility of the family or guardian: (1) Both the father and mother shall have equal responsibility on the child’s care, maintenance and overall development.

(2) It shall be the responsibility of every father, mother, other members of the family or guardian to care, maintain and protect, to provide the opportunity for education, treatment, along with personality development of, to provide environment full of love and care and to guide properly for future certainty of the child.

(3) Father, mother, other family member or guardian shall provide suitable environment for acquiring education to every child of age to join school by admitting him or her to the school.

(4) Father, mother, other member of the family or guardian shall not engage the child on labour which may adversely affect his or her education, health and physical or mental development.

(5) Father, mother, other member of the family or guardian shall not leave the child below six years of age alone at home or any other place or send alone elsewhere, without being accompanied by an adult person.

  1. Obligation of the State: The State shall make necessary arrangement for the basic needs including maintenance, protection, health and education of children in need of special protection, on the basis of the available means and resources.
  2. Responsibility of the media sector: It shall be the responsibility of the media sector to publish and transmit information, without violating the rights of the child and causing adverse effect on the interests of the child.