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Chapter- 1

Chapter- 1
1. Short title and commencement: These Rules may be ca lled as the
“Foreign Employment Rules, 2064(2008).”
(2) These Rules shall come into force immediate ly.
2. Definitions: Unless the subject or the context otherwise requires in
these Rules,
(a) “Act” means the Foreign Employment Act, 2064(2007);
(b) “Contract” means a contract made between an employer
institution or its agent and a worker and licensee and a worker in
relation to the terms and conditions of service and remuneration
of the worker and the terms to be observed by both parties;
(c) “Fund” means the Foreign Employment Welfare Fund established
pursuant to Section 32 of the Act;
(d) “Tribuna l” means the Fore ign Employment Tribunal constituted
pursuant to Section 64 of the Act;
(e) “Demand letter” means a demand letter sent by an employer
institution to a licensee, indicating the number, type,

qualification of workers, remuneration, facilities to which
workers are entitled and other terms of service of workers;
(f) “Director” means a director of an institution or licensee, and this
term also inc ludes an alternate directors.


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