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4. Strategies:

The following strategies shall be adopted to fulfill the aforesaid

4.1 The Government to function as a promoter, facilitator and regulator.

4.2 To create a conducive environment by means of encouraging and working as a regulatory structure for the development and research of prerequisite infrastructure in biotechnology and the
sector relating thereto.

4.3 To establish biotechnology-based industries on the basis of national requirement, market demand and regional characteristics, and encourage as well as provide concession to such industries.

4.4 To make necessary legal provisions for the development and commercialization of biotechnology.

4.5 To develop a cluster, incubator and network and prepare critical mass for the research, commercialization and use of biotechnology.

4.6 To facilitate a venture capital fund and flow of bank loan to be provided for the biotechnology-based industries.

4.7 To ensure such matters as intellectual property right, bio-safety, bio-surveillance and bio-ethics.

4.8 To encourage for continuous research with a view to using biotechnology in tissue culture, forest, agriculture and food grains, herbs, mushroom production and processing system including animal and human health system.

4.9 To identify the needs of rural people involved in biotechnology based activities by means of regular monitoring and public awareness, and make necessary provision accordingly.

4.10 To promote participation of private sector and give high priority to research, development and expansion of biotechnology.

4.11 To maintain and manage the records on the achievement of biotechnology.

4.12 To draft laws on the ownership of biotechnological resources of Nepal.

4. 13 To develop indicators to measure public benefit as may be provided by biotechnology for sustainability, natural resource management, environment and biodiversity conservation, and make such benefits to the public.

4.14 To provide timely information about actual condition on size, trend and quality standard of the market of genetically modified and not modified products and consumer’s feeling thereon.

4.15 To encourage the study of biotechnology in secondary schools
and different levels of university.