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3. Objectives:

The overall objective of this policy is to make contribution to the reduction of poverty by developing and expanding biotechnology with its use in the sectors of comparative benefit and its application as a basis
of key substitute for the development of the country as well as environment protection and public welfare. Other objectives of this policy are as follows:

3.1 To fulfill a minimal need of food grains and nutritious food for
growing population, thereby assisting in the reduction of poverty.

3.2 To use biotechnology in the areas providing comparatively benefit to Nepal.

3.3 To encourage research and development of biotechnology contributing for developing the forests, agriculture and food sectors in an internationally competitive and environmentally sustainable manner.

3.4 To promote a managerial skill in the field of biotechnology, attract the competent researchers and experts, promote an entrepreneurship and maintain a balance between demand and supply for the expert-skill.

3.5 To reduce environmental degradation and protect natural resources and means.

3.6 To develop simple and new programmes for ensuring the transformation of the results of research into professional use subject to making contribution to the rural and national economic system.


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