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2. Background:

Biotechnology accomplishes such a task that channelises the characteristics and property of any organism or their living cells/tissues etc. in the works of human welfare. With the help of this technology, the tasks – such as modifying the production technique of biomass, transforming their characteristics and property by various means,
improving a breed of plants or animals as per necessity, channelising various micro-organisms in an assigned task and making human conducive change into genetic formation of various seeds, plants andanimals – are being carried out. As the biomass is a focal point of this technology, our country, which is deemed to be rich in biological
resources, is required to take a new step in the field of science and technology with the realization of her traditional knowledge and modern technology. In order to face the existing challenges of a developing country like ours,
the Biotechnology Policy, 2006 is formulated to obtain the potentialsopened up by biotechnology. The implementation of this policy may assist in increasing the production of food grains through biotechnology,
developing a new technology of medical treatment, controlling environmental pollution and promoting various industrial sectors.


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