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6. Institutional Provision

6.1. There shall be formed a High-level Drug Control National Guidance and Coordination Committee as follows , for providing guidance and maintaining coordination and harmonization in order to make the
drug control activities efficient and effective:

1. Honorable Minister for Home Affairs -Chairperson

2. Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs -Member

3. Secretary, Ministry of Finance -Member

4. Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs -Member

5. Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communications

6. Secretary, Ministry of Education and sports -Member

7. Secretary, Ministry of Women, children and social welfare

8. Secretary, Ministry of Health and population -Member

9. Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice -Member

10. Secretary, National Planning Commission secretariat -Member

11. Inspector General of Police, Police Headquarters -Member

12. Chief, National Investigation Department -Member

13. Representative, Eight persons from national and international non-governmental Organizations (Comprising at least three women representatives) -Member

14. Chief Narcotics Control Officer -Member-Secretary

6.2 There shall be a Drug Control Executive Committee as follows to bear responsibility of resolving and doing away with the problems at the implementation level by having effective coordination and harmonization of the implementation of drug control programmes and monitoring and evaluating the activities :

1. Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs -Chairperson

2. Joint secretary, Ministry of Education and sports -Member

3. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare -Member

4. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice -Member

5. Director General, Department of Customs -Member

6. Director, Department of Drug Administration -Member