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5. Policy Strategies

The following polices shall be pursued for the attainment of the aferesaid objectives:

5.1 Supply control:

5.1.1 The illicit farming and production of cannabis and opium shall be restricted and controlled.

5.1.2 Illicit transport, sale and distribution of drug shall be controlled.

5.1.3 In order to destroy the organized network of international mafias involved in the illicit transaction of drugs,
cooperation, coordination and collaboration shall be fostered at inter-country, regional and international levels.

5.1.4 The united Nations and regional conventions shall be ratified; and implementation there of shall be provided for by making corresponding legal provisions.

5.1.5 A capable and efficient regional network shall be built by exchanging information and transferring skills, capacity and technology amongst the law enforcement agencies of the SAARC countries.

5.1.6 Various controlling measures shall be adopted to prevent illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs taking place in border areas.

5.1.7 Emphasis shall be laid on the development of human resources and work specialization for the prevention and
control of narcotic drugs.

5.1.8 The capacity of the agencies engaged in and associated with the implementation of narcotics control laws shall be enhanced as well as expanded.

5.1.9 Production, import, transport, sale and distributions method narcotic and psychotropic medicines used in the
medical treatment shall be made effective through coordination, monitoring and evaluation.