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Chapter-6 Miscellaneous

28. To take oath to maintain secrecy and not to commit a breach of trust: Prior assumption of their office, each director, managing director, auditor, officer and other employee of the Corporation shall take an oath as set forth in the Schedule.

29. Settlement of dispute by arbitration: (1) If there arises any dispute between the Board of Directors, managing director and any officers or employees in relation to the terms and conditions existing between any of them, the dispute shall be settled only by one judge of the Court of Appealas designated by the Government of Nepal, depending on the circumstance.

(2) The arbitrator shall have the same powers as the court has in relation to the examining of witness and evidence, summoning the attendance of parties and opposite parties and the production of documents, in relation to the dispute referred to arbitration under Sub-section (1) for decision/settlement.

(3) The arbitral award shall be final and binding to all parties. Provided that, if an application is made by the aggrieved party, the Court of Appeal8 may void the award and may make another decision only in the following circumstance:

(a) If it clearly appears that the arbitrator has indulged in improper conduct in making award or made the wrong
award showing any specific ulterior motive or being subjective, or 
(b) If the arbitral award is directly contrary to law.

30. Penalties:

(1) If any person knowingly inserts, or causes to be inserted, a false content in, or forges, or caused to be forged, a document of, or held in, the Corporation, the person shall be liable to the penalty of imprisonment
for a term not exceeding Two years or a fine of up to Two Thousand Rupees or with both penalties.

(2) If any director or employee of the Corporation obstructs the inspector appointed under Section 22 or the auditor appointed under Section 27 with his or her business or does not provide, except for any reasonable reason, such document or information to such an inspector or auditor as demanded by him or her in accordance with law, or commits recklessness in the provision of such document or information, such a person shall be liable to the penalty of a fine of up to One Thousand Rupees.

(3) If any person uses the name of the Corporation in any prospectus or advertisement without obtaining written permission of the Corporation, the person shall be liable to the penalty of imprisonment for a term not
exceeding Six months or a fine of up to One Thousand Rupees or with both penalties.

(4) If any person who was the then director or managing director of the Corporation becomes a partner in a written contract made with the Corporation in violation of Section 16 and without making disclosure as required under that Section and makes or attempts to make any undue benefit in that capacity, that person shall be liable to the penalty of imprisonment for a term not exceeding Two years or a fine of up to Five Thousand Rupees or with both penalties.

31. Jurisdiction of court: The District Court shall have jurisdiction to originally try and settle cases in which the Corporation is plaintiff or defendant or any cases or other legal action under this Act.

32. To give as grant: The Government of Nepal shall provide all books and goods held by the Nepali Language Publication Board/Committee so far to the Corporation as a grant.

33. Power of the Government of Nepal to frame Rules: The Government of Nepal may frame Rules in order to accomplish the objectives of this Act, and these Rules shall come into force after their publication in the Nepal

34. Power of the Corporation to frame Bye-laws: The Corporation may frame Bye-laws, without being prejudicial to this Act or the Rules framed under this Act, for the proper accomplishment of the activities of the



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