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10. Power to try case:

(1) The court constituted or prescribed by the Government of Nepal upon publishing a Notification in Nepal Gazette shall have power to try a case under this Act.

(2) A court pursuant to Sub-section (1) shall follow the procedures as referred to in Special Court Act, 2059.
Provided that notwithstanding anything contained in Clause (e) of Section 7
7 of Special Court Act, 2059 or in other prevailing law in respect of holding a person under detention, if there is a reasonable reason to keep an accused in custody for trial, the court may order to hold such accused under detention for trial upon setting out the statement of government attorney in this regard, if any. In case an accused is so detained, no complaint shall be lodged upon raising a question against the said order.

(3) An appeal may be filed before Supreme Court against the judgments or final order made by the Court pursuant to Sub-section (1) and such appeal shall be heard and decided by a bench of at least three judges.