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25. Secretariat of the Fund: The Secretariat of the Fund shall be located at the Ministry.

26. Director:

(1) There shall be a Director to act as the administrative chief of the Fund.
(2) A Joint Secretary, working with and designated by the Ministry, shall act as the Director.
(3) Other functions, duties and powers of the Director shall be as determined by the Board.

27. Employees of the Secretariat:

(1) There shall be the following employees in the Secretariat: –
(a) Financial Management Officer (Under Secretary level)- 1
(b) Program Management Officer (Under Secretary level)- 1
(c) Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (Under Secretary level)- 1
(d) Administration Officer (Section Officer level)- 1
(e) Computer Operator- 3
(f) Driver- 1
(g) Office Support Staff – 3
(2) The functions, duties and powers of employees of the Secretariat shall be as  determined by the Board.

28. No Approval may be required: No approval may be required from any other agency for the implementation of the Projects approved by the Board in accordance with these Rules.

29. Administrative cost of the Fund: An amount, not exceeding one per cent of the total amount received by the Fund during the fiscal year, and remaining within a limit of the budget as approved by the Board, may be spent for the administrative purposes of the Fund.

30. Powers may be delegated: The Board may, as per necessity, delegate some powers  conferred on it pursuant to these Rules, to the Technical Committee or the Director of the Secretariat as required.

31. Records to be maintained:

(1) The Fund shall maintain the updated records of the  activities accomplished by it.
(2) The Secretariat shall, upon the dissolution of the Fund, hand over records  maintained pursuant to Sub-rule (1) to the Ministry.

32. Term of the Fund:

(1) The Fund shall remain valid for three years from its establishment.
(2) Notwithstanding anything stated in the Sub-rule (1) the Government of Nepal may, if the activities specified in these Rules are not accomplished, extend the  term of the Fund for up to next three years.
(3) The Fund shall ipso facto be dissolved after the expiry of the term as referred to in Sub-rule (1) or (2).
(4) Any amount left as balance in the Fund at the time of dissolution as referred to in Sub-rule (3), shall be credited to the consolidated Fund.

33. Repeal and saving:

(1) The Peace Fund Operation (Proceedings) Rules, 2063 (2007) are hereby repealed.
(2) The works carried out under the Rules pursuant to Sub-rule (1) shall be deemed to have been done under these Rules.


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