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13. Proposal to be submitted:

(1) The Project Implementing Agency interested to implement the Project shall submit a proposal to the Secretariat upon explaining the details as referred to in Schedule 1.
(2) Upon receipt of proposal pursuant to the Sub-rule (1), the Secretariat shall submit such proposal to the Technical Committee.

14. Evaluation of the Proposal:

(1) Upon receipt of the Project proposal pursuant to the Rule 13, the Technical Committee may forward it to the related sectoral working  group formed pursuant to the Rule 12, for detailed evaluation.
(2) Upon receipt of the proposal pursuant to the Sub-rule (1), the concerned sectoral working Group shall carry out technical, financial, and social evaluation based on criteria and guidelines approved in accordance with these Rules; and shall, if found suitable for implementation, submit the proposal, with its recommendation, to the Technical Committee.
(3) Upon receipt of the proposal pursuant to the Sub-rule (2), the Technical Committee shall evaluate such proposal on the basis of rational, cost, technical standards, appropriateness and availability of the financial resources. While
evaluating, the Technical Committee shall also evaluate the proposal in accordance with Sub-rule (2) for the proposals that were not forwarded to the concerned sectoral working group for evaluation.
(4) The Technical Committee shall, if it deems appropriate to implement the Project suitable for implementation from the evaluation carried out in accordance with Sub-rule (3), submit its recommendation to the Board for the implementation of the Project.
(5) The Board shall, if found appropriate to implement the Project as recommended by ththe Technical Committee in accordance with Sub-rule (4), approve such Project.

15. Agreements to be made:

Upon the approval of the proposal by the Board in accordance with Sub-rule (5) of Rule 14, an agreement relating to the implementation of the Project shall be concluded between the Secretariat and the Project Implementing Agency in such a format as specified by the Board.

16. Request to be made for an amount:

(1) In order to implement the Project, the Project Implementing Agency shall, after entering into an agreement pursuant to  Rule 15, make a request to the concerned District Treasury Controller Office for the disbursement of budget, along with the certified copies of the agreement and the authority delegated for spending.
(2) The Project Implementing Agency shall, upon making a request for disbursement as referred to in Sub-rule (1), inform the Fund about such matter.
(3) The concerned District Treasury Controller Office shall, upon receipt of the request for disbursement as referred to in the Sub-rule (1), disburse the amount to the concerned Project Implementing Agency as per the prevailing law.

17. Procedures for the expenditure of the Fund’s resources: While incurring expenditure from the amount received from the Fund, in cash or kind, the Project Implementing Agency shall incur expenditure by fulfilling all formalities of the prevailing law relating to financial administration.

18. Expenditures to be made as per the Agreement: Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in these Rules, in case of having any agreement concluded between the Fund and the donor in relation to spending of the amount received as assistance from such donor, the Project Implementing Agency shall spend such amount in accordance with such agreement.

19. Advance may be provided:

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in these Rules, the Secretariat may provide necessary amount from the amount deposited in the central treasury as referred to in the Sub-rule (3) of Rule 3, to the Project Implementing Agency, as an advance for the purpose of the Project corresponding to the clause (d) of Rule 4.
(2) The advance provided pursuant to Sub-rule (1) must be settled by the Project Implementing Agency as per the prevailing law relating to financial administration.
(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-rule (2), additional advance may also be provided to the Project Implementing Agency to implement the Project without having settled the earlier advance provided to it pursuant to Sub-rule (1).

20. Reimbursement may be received: The Project Implementing Agency may receive reimbursement from the Secretariat for the expenditures incurred during the implementation of the Project by submitting the statement of expenditures and monthly progress details as per the prevailing law relating to financial  administration.

21. Account of expenditures to be maintained:

(1) The Project Implementing Agency shall keep the account of expenditures incurred during the implementation of the Project in accordance with the prevailing law.
(2) The Project Implementing Agency shall send the statement of expenditures to the Fund on a monthly basis.
(3) Account of assistance provided, in cash or kind, by the donor with certain conditions, shall be maintained by the Project Implementing Agency accordingly, so as to meet the objective and purpose of the same.

22. Statements and Report to be submitted:

(1) The Project Implementing Agency shall submit the progress record and report of its Project to the Fund on a four
monthly and annual basis.
(2) The Secretariat shall maintain the statement of technical and other assistance, cash and commodities, received by the Fund through different sources, and account of expenditure of such assistance and also making it public in every
four months in the format as approved by the Board.

23. Amount not to be frozen: Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in the prevailing laws, the unspent balance amount of the Fund pertaining to these Rules shall not freeze at the end of the fiscal year.

24. Audit:

(1) The concerned District Treasury Controller Office shall conduct the  internal audit of the Project‘s account.
(2) Notwithstanding anything stated in the Sub-rule (1), the Fund may cause to be carried out, by appointing external expert, the internal audit of the account of the Project implemented by the agencies other than that of the Government organization.
(3) The final audit of the Project shall be carried out by the Auditor General. (4) In case of having any arrears while carrying out audit pursuant to Sub rule (1), the In-charge of the Project Implementing Agency shall be responsible for such arrears and in case of having any arrears while carrying out audit pursuant to Sub-rule (2), the In-charge of the concerned Agency and the Director of the Fund shall be responsible for such arrears.
(5) The internal and final audits of the incomes and expenditures of the Fund shall be carried out by the District Treasury Controller Office and the Auditor General respectively.


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