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9. Formation of Technical Committee: Identify and recommend Projects to the Board, There shall be a Technical Committee, to as follows:
(a) Secretary, Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction – Chairperson
(b) Joint -secretary, Ministry of Finance – Member
(c) Joint -secretary, National Planning Commission – Member
(d) Joint -secretary, Ministry of Physical Planning and Works – Member
(e) Joint – Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs – Member
(f) Joint Financial Comptroller, Office of Financial Comptroller General – Member
(g) Two members nominated by the Technical Committee with at least one female member, having representation from among human rights and women development organizations, civil society, community based organizations, non-governmental organizations or related experts – Member
(h) Director of the Secretariat – Membersecretary
(1) The Technical Committee may nominate members pursuant to the clause
(g) of Sub-rule (1) for a specified time period as per necessity.

10. Meeting of the Technical Committee:

(1) The meeting of the Technical Committee shall be held as per necessity with at least one meeting within two
(2) The meeting of the Technical Committee shall be held on and at such date, venue and time as specified by the Chairperson of the Technical Committee.
(3) The Member-secretary of the Technical Committee shall circulate in writing the notice and agenda for discussion in the meeting to all members prior to the commencement of the meeting.
(4) The quorum of the meeting shall be ascertained if more than fifty percent of the members are present in the meeting.
(5) The Chairperson of the Technical Committee shall chair the meeting of the Technical Committee and during his/her absence; a member selected by the  members of the Technical Committee from amongest themselves shall chair the meeting.
(6) The opinion of the majority shall prevail in the meetings of the Technical Committee; in case of tie the person chairing the meeting shall cast the deciding vote.
(7) The Technical Committee may invite the representatives of the related organizations, experts and representatives of the Project implementing agencies to participate at its meeting, if necessary.
(8) The Member-secretary shall authenticate the decisions of the meeting,
(9) The other proceedings relating to the meeting of the Technical Committee shall be as determined by the Committee itself.

11. Functions, duties and powers of the Technical Committee: In addition to the functions, duties and powers as provided elsewhere in this Chapter, the functions, duties and powers of the Technical Committee shall be as follows:
(a) To develop strategy and working policy of the Fund as well as standards and guidelines for identification and operation of the Projects and the Project Implementing Agency and thereby submit to the Board for approval:
(b) To assist the Board in carrying out inspection, monitoring and evaluation, and in reviewing and analyzing the progress and impacts of the Projects:
(c) To prepare and, thereby, submit to the Board the physical and financial status, progress, and income and expenditure statements of the Projects:

(d) To provide technical support to other Projects and programmers in the areas of peace building, which are implemented or likely to be implemented through other sources.
(e) Any other acts as directed by the Board.
12. Sect-oral Working Group: The Technical Committee may form sectoral working groups, comprising of the  representatives of the government agencies, international organizations and non-governmental organizations, in order to carry out the works related to the mandates of the Fund, including the detailed assessment of the Project


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