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11. Power to frame Rules

(1) The Supreme Court may frame the Rules to regulate the exercise of its jurisdiction and systematize the procedure.

(2) Without prejudice to generality of the powers conferred by Sub-Section

(1) the Rules particularly may provide for the following matters:

(a) The matter relating to the exercise of the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court by Single Bench of one Justice or Division Bench, Full or Special Bench of more than one Justice.

b) The matter relating to the appeal, reference (sadhak) and filing of petitions in the Supreme Court for review and revision.

c) The matter relating to the petition to be filed pursuant to the SubArticle (1) and (2) of Article 107 of the  Constitution.

d) The matters whether to keep in detention, imprison or release in bail or guarantee to the appellant who files an appeal in the Supreme Court challenging the conviction incurred by the decision of the
subordinate court.

e) Procedure relating to the contempt of court,

f) Any matter relating to the court proceeding.