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6. Functions, Duties and Powers of the Commission:

(1) Functions, duties and powers of the commission shall be as follows: –

(a) To provide consultation to Government of Nepal with regard to establishing university;

(b) To formulate policies with regard to providing grants amount received from various sectors to universities;

(c) To provide grants to universities and to ask for additional grants and to recommend universities for this purpose to the concerned bodies;

(d) To cause to maintain coordination amongst universities for making academic programs to be conducted as per
universities standard;

(e) To design appropriate programs for enhancement of academic standard;

(f) To make necessary provisions with regard to maintaining appropriate academic standard in universities;

(g) To make necessary provisions with regard to exchange of scholarship and fellowship with universities or academic institutions within and outside Nepal.

(h) To maintain coordination amongst universities;

(i) To submit annual report of acts and activities of the commission to Government of Nepal; and

(j) To carryout other functions as prescribed for fulfilling objectives of the commission.

(2) The commission may, if it deems necessary, seek advices from any native or foreign expert or consultant.