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4. Recovery of Rent and Bond

4. Recovery of Rent and Bond:

Rent at the rate of Rs. 50.00 per day shall be levied to the person obtaining licence under rule 3 for the  exhibition in the stadium as per the licence. Fifty percent of the said  amount of rent shall be deposited prior to obtaining the licence and the remaining amount within 7 days of termination of time of exhibition by  the licencee to the prescribed official. In a situation of failure to pay the due amount of rent within the said time limit, it shall be received up to  subsequent one week by levying fee at the rate of 2 percent. In a  situation failure to pay even after the said period, the local Zonal Commissioner, as per the information of the prescribed official, shall  take action like that of government arrears under the prevailing law of Nepal and recover the due amount of rent and fee also.
Provided that-

(a) Rent of stadium shall not be levied on part of the exhibition to be made to collect the income in the fund
without ticket with an objective of enrichment of national health or cultural promotion for the public organization or
social function.
(b) Rent of stadium at the rate of Rs. 25.00 per day shall be levied on part of the exhibition to be made as ticket show
with on objective of enrichment of national health or  cultural promotion.
(2) No one shall be issued licence without getting signed a bond  earlier by mentioning the content of the licencee’s consent to accomplish or get accomplished the function of exhibition as per the licence subject  to the terms and conditions mentioned in these Rules and the commitment of the licencee to bear and pay under these Rules and the
prevailing law of Nepal in the case of his failure to carry on as mentioned above.


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