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Passports Act, 2024 (1967)

4. Authority to issue Passport

4. Authority to issue Passport: A Passport may only be issued by the Government
of Nepal or Nepalese Embassy or any other Mission stationed in any foreign
countries which are so authorized for the same by the Government of Nepal.
Provided that,

5. Penalties

Whosoever receives or attempts to receive a passport providing false
statement or false details, or visits or attempts to visit a foreign country in against
of Section 3, or does not abide by the order or direction issued by the Government
of Nepal, or misuses the purpose of the passport, or provides his/her passport to
any other person for other’s use, or uses others passport, or commits any act which
is in against of this Act or Rules framed hereunder, may be punished with an
imprisonment up to one year or fined up to Five Thousand Rupees or with both.

6. Government of Nepal to be the Plaintiff

(1) The Government of Nepal shall be
the plaintiff in the case which is to be filed for an offence punishable under
Section 5 and such cases shall be filed before the court by the police with at least
the rank of Inspector.

(2) If there is any reasonable doubt for committing or attempting to commit
an offence pursuant to Section 5 by a person, any police personnel shall arrest
such person even without a warrant and produce such person before his/her
authority at least an Inspector

7. Authority to frame Rules:

(1) Government of Nepal may frame Rules to implement the objectives of this Act.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the powers conferred by Subsection (1), such Rules, particularly, may provide for the following matters:

(a) Classification of the Passports to be issued for different purposes and terms and conditions regarding the passports,

(b) Fees to be paid for passport,

(c) Renewal of passports and their fees,

(d) Other matters as required.