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3.1 Ancient Monuments Conservation Co-operation Committee

3.1 Ancient Monuments Conservation Co-operation Committee:

3.1.1 The Department may form the Ancient Monuments Conservation Co-operation committee in every conserved monuments zone, to  co-operate on conservation of ancient monuments, as follows: Archaeology Officer, designated by the Department -Coordinator 7Chairperson or Chief of concerned Village Development Committee or Municipality in the case of a district
which is outside of the Kathmandu Valley and Officer of the TopographySection (Naska Phat) of the concerned
Municipality in the case of Kathmandu Valley. -Member Representative, Guthi Sansthan, and if, there is no local office of Guthi Sansthan, the representative of the
Land Revenue Office -Member Representative, Kathmandu Valley Town Development Programme Execution Committee (in Kathmandu Valley) and in other District,

Engineer, Housing and Town Development Section -Member Representative, concerned District Administration Office – Member Representative, concerned District Police Office -Member Representative, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (for Kathmandu
Valley) – Member Chief of the Palace Maintenance Office under the Department, if there is
such office – Member Architect, appointed by the Department -Member 3.1.2 Department may change or alter the Member of the Co operation Committee as per necessity.

3.1.3 Co-operation Committee may invite to any national or international expert or advisor or any officer of Government of Nepal at its meeting as an observer.

3.1.4 Meeting of the Co-operation Committee shall be held as required.

3.1.5 Co-operation Committee may determine other procedures of its meeting by itself


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