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Chapter – 2

Chapter – 2

The meetings, functions, duties and powers of the Commission

3. Meeting of the Commission:

(1) The commission shall meet at least twice a month.
(2) The meeting of the Commission shall be held on such date, time and venue as prescribed by the Chairperson.
(3) As directed by the Chairperson, generally the Secretary shall have to inform the members in writing at least Twenty Four hours in advance of the meeting citing the date, time, venue and agenda of the meeting of the Commission.
(4) If a majority of the existing number of members of the Commission are present in the meeting, it shall be deemed to  constitute a quorum for the meeting.
(5) The Chairperson shall chair the meeting of the Commission and in his/her absence the senior-most member shall chair the meeting.
(6) The decisions of the Commission shall be made by a majority of the members present in the meeting and in case of a tie;
the person chairing the meeting shall give a casting vote.
(8) The Secretary shall authenticate the decisions of the meeting of the Commission.
(9) Other procedures related to the meetings shall be as determined by the Commission.


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