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Chapter-5  Special arrangements for maintaining public peace and security

Chapter-5  Special arrangements for maintaining public peace and security
27. Police reinforcement on application by any person :

(1) In the event of an application by any person, the Zonal Superintendent may depute additional police employees for the purpose of maintaining law and order or enforcing the provisions of this Act or other Acts in respect of specific crimes, or for the purpose of discharging others police duties in any place or area.
(2) The applicant shall bear the expenses for such additional police employees. Provided that, such additional police employees shall act under the orders of the Zonal Superintendent, and remain on such duty for such
period as he or she may deem proper.
(3) If the person who has filed application for additional police force makes a written request to withdraw such police personnel before the Zonal  Superintendent of Police, her or she, within One month so deploys after
such application, the applicant shall not be liable to bear the expenses after the expiry of such a period.
28. 41 Dispatch of police reinforcements in the neighborhood of railways or other installations : (1) In case the Government of Nepal is satisfied that the conduct or possible conduct of persons posted in or moving by or
around any airport, railway line, canal or any other public utility or factory, commercial establishment, entertainment and transport facility, which is in the process of construction or operation, necessities the deployment of police reinforcements there, it may dispatch additional police in such number as it may deem appropriate, to remain on duty at such a place for such a period as it deems necessary.
(2) In case police reinforcements are dispatched pursuant to sub- section (1), the Government of Nepal may direct the expenses involved in such deployment to be realized from the utility, service, factory or installation to which the police reinforcements are dispatched, and such expenses shall be borne by such service, factory or installation.
(3) The Government of Nepal may delegate the powers vested in it under this Section to the Inspector General of Police, Additional Inspector General of Police and Deputy Inspector General of Police 42 or Chief
District Officer or Zonal Superintendent, by a notification in the Nepal Gazette.

29. Additional police reinforcement to be deputed in the event of threat to public peace :

(1) In case there prevails an in tranquil or dangerous situation in any area or in case the Government of Nepal feels 43 that it is necessary to depute additional police employees by the reason of the conduct of the inhabitants or a group of inhabitants in that place, the Government of Nepal may, by a Notification in the Nepal Gazette,
prescribe the following matters:
(a) The place where the additional police employees are to be posted, 44 ……and
(b) The period for which the additional police employees are to be posted.
(2) The decision made by the Government of Nepal under sub- section (1) shall be final.
(3) Subject to Sub-section (5) of this Section, the expenses for such additional police employees shall be borne in particular by the inhabitants of the area specified in the notification.
(4) Persons who are liable to pay expenses under Sub-section (5) other than those who are not so required and the amount payable by them shall be as determined by ………. 45 the Chief District Officer, duly taking
the status of the inhabitants into consideration.
(5) The Government of Nepal may, by a notification in the Nepal  Gazette, grant exemption from payment of such expenses in the case of any group of such inhabitants or part thereof.
Explanation : For the purposes of this Section, the term “inhabitant” includes those persons, who although not residing in such area, possess or utilize land or immovable property either personally or through
their agents or servants or the landowners who collect rents or cultivate lands personally or through agents, servants or tenants.

46 Compensation to victims for loss or damage resulting from improper conduct of inhabitants :

(1) In case any person residing in the area which is notified under Section 29 dies or sustains serious injury or
loss or damage to his or her property 47 by the reason of an improper conduct 48 of the inhabitants or a Section 49 or class of persons residing in the same area, he or she may submit an application to the Chief District Officer
of such area complaining against such loss or damage and claiming compensation therefor, within One month or within the time limit if so  specified to be less than One month from the date of sustaining such
damage or loss.
(2) The Chief District Officer may, with the approval 50 of the Government of Nepal, institute necessary inquiry in the area as referred to in Section 29, irrespective of whether additional police employees have
been posted therein or not, and take action as follows in such an area:
(a) To publish the names of persons who have been victims 51 from such improper conduct 52 or as a result
of such conduct,
(b) To determine the amount of compensation 53 payable to such persons, and the methods of distributing it.
(c) To determine the figure of compensation 54 to be paid by specified persons from among the inhabitants of
such area, other than those who are not liable to pay for damages under Sub-section (3) of this Section, and
the applicant himself or herself. 55 Provided that, the Chief District Officer shall not publish names and determine the figure of compensation under this Sub-section unless he or she is satisfied that the loss or damage as mentioned above was resulted from disturbance or unlawful assembly in such area and that the victim 56 is not responsible for
such incident.
(3) It shall be lawful for the Government of Nepal to issue an order exempting any person or section 57 of persons from among such inhabitants from payment of some portion of such compensation.
(4) The names of persons published, the figure of compensation fixed 58 or the orders issued by the Chief District Officer under Sub-section
(2) may reviewed by the Government of Nepal or the authority prescribed by it. In the other circumstances, the decision shall be final.
(5) No civil suit may be filed with respect to loss for which compensation is already paid under this Section.
Explanation : The term “inhabitant” in this Section means the same as indicated in the preceding Section.
59 …………
32. Realization of amounts payable according to forgoing provisions :
(1) The Chief District Officer shall realize the amount payable under the provisions of this Chapter in accordance with the prevailing law relating to the recovery of fines.
(2) The entire amount paid 60 or recovered under Sub-section (3) shall be paid to the person who is entitled to be paid there under


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