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Chapter-5 Provisions relating to nomination for study and training

Chapter-5 Provisions relating to nomination for study and training
32. Grounds for nomination for study, training or study tour : In  nominating employees for study, training or study tour, the Ministry shall make nomination from amongst the employees in the Ministry and subordinate offices within the group or sub-group of the health service based on the following grounds:
(a) The subject of study, training or study tour is useful and necessary for the group or sub-group for which the concerned employee is serving.
(b) Giving priority to the requirements prescribed for nomination for scholarship received for study, training or study tour, based on priority from amongst the employees who secure higher marks for educational qualifications, seniority, experience of service in geographical region and work performance evaluation pursuant
to Section 29.
(c) Those who have not crossed the age of Forty Five years in the case of study of bachelor, master or any educational degree.
Explanation : For the purposes of this Chapter, (1) “Study” means a study to be done for getting bachelor,
master or any educational degree in a subject concerned with the group, sub-group of the health service.
(2) “Training” means any training programme to gain skills to be operated for a certain period as per the fixed curricula by an institution, except for awarding bachelor, master or any educational degree.

(3) “Study tour” means a symposium, seminar or study tour, except a study and training, organized for a period not
exceeding Six months.
33. Priority to be given while making nomination : In making nomination of employees for a study, training or study tour abroad, generally those employees who have not got an opportunity of have foreign study; training or study tour shall be nominated based on the priority as follows, subject to Section 32. Provided that, no nomination
shall be repeated for a programme with the same standard and nature.
(a) The assistant Fifth level, officer Sixth, Seventh and Eighth level employees for study,
(b) The employees of officer Ninth level and below for training,
(c) Generally, the Chief of Office, employees of officer Tenth level and above as per the previously determined programme for study tour.
34. Disqualification for nomination : (1) The following employees shall not be eligible to be nominated for study or training:
(a) Those who are not potential candidates for promotion pursuant to Section 27 or whose grade is
withheld pursuant to this Act,
40 (b) 41 A freshly appointed and posted employee of officer level who has not served in the most remote area
for at least One year or in remote area for at least Two years and who has not served, holding the
permanent post of gazetted level of the Nepal Health Service under the Civil Service Act, 2049
(1993) prior to the commencement of the Nepal Health Service Act, 2053 (1997), in the most
remote area for at least One year or in remote area for at least Two years,
(c) 42 Where an employee mentioned in Clause (b) has not served in such area and for such period as
mentioned in that Clause, until he or she serves in such area for a continuous period as mentioned.
Provided that, in making nomination for a training which is highly technical and special nature
and for a period less than Ninety days, the ineligibility as mentioned in this Section shall not
(2) In the case of those who go for study without prior approval of the Ministry, no scholarship shall be provided by the Government of Nepal.
35. Period for which service to be done upon completion of study, training or study tour : Any employee who pursues a study, training or goes on a study tour on the nomination of the Government of Nepal
must, upon completing such a study, training or study tour, serve for upto the period as mentioned below in a compulsory manner:
Period of study, training or Minimum period for which study tour service to be done
(a) Up to Three months One year
(b) From Three months to Six months One and half year (c) From Six month to Nine months Two years
(d) From Nine months to One year Three years
(e) From One year to Two years Four years
(f) From Two years to Three years Five years
(g) From Three years to Four years Seven years
(h) From Four years to Five years Eight years
(i) From Five years to Six years Nine months
36. Bond to be executed : (1) Any employee shall, before going for  having study, training or study tour, execute a bond to the effect that he or she shall return upon completing such a study, training or study tour
and carry out service as referred to in Section 35.
(2) The format of bond to be executed pursuant to Sub-section
(1) shall be as prescribed.
(3) If any employee does not return to the service after completing the study, training or study tour or does not complete the period of service required to be carried out under Section 35, the amount of salary, allowances received by him or her during the period of the study, training or study tour and tuition fee and scholarship amount, as well, shall be realized from such employee as government dues and departmental action shall be taken against him/her.


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