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(14) Proceedings by taking deposition

(14) Proceedings by taking deposition:

(1) Appellate court shall proceed hearing of issue taking deposition of applicant or complainer upon the
filing of application or complaint and of respondent upon the filing of counter claim or written response pursuant to the Act and these rules. While fixing the date for presence of parties the court shall mention the cause clearly that for what purpose the date for presence is fixed and such matter shall be mentioned in the deposition receipt attached in file as well.

(2) Even if the applicant or complainer become absent and the date fixed for presence is expired, if their legal practitioner become present and wants to proceed on complaint or application, nothing shall bar the court to hear and decide.

(3) If any party become absent in the date fixed by the court for making presence owing circumstance beyond control applies within seven days excluding the time taken for the journey, for extension of time limit or the date fixed for making presence, the court may extend the time limit or date fixed for making presence for once not exceeding
seven days.

(4) If party, hi/her attorney or legal practitioner become absent and the date fixed for making presence expires, such application or complain shall be kept on pending.


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